The Helen Anthony AW24 London Fashion Week Catwalk held at the five star Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel in Bloomsbury, London showed a rule-breaking, edgy and contemporary collection with XXL shoulders and bold silhouettes. This catwalk celebrated designs that were red carpet attention grabbing with the best quality craftsmanship, fabrics and tailoring. The Helen Anthony brand is helmed by esteemed tailor and designer Naeem Anthony.
At the rudimental level, the collection is an homage to the timeless and meticulous tailoring techniques that Anthony has become so renowned for, and yet aesthetically it is an expression of boundary breaking, freedom and gender diversity. It is the intersection of heritage, modernity, and undimmed individuality.
Bold, strong feminine silhouettes immediately give shape to a thoroughly modern collection, while the fabric diversity imbues the collection with unique textural qualities. Helen Anthony proudly designs its own luxury fabrics and yarns in the UK, and has used a vibrant palette of yellow, red, blue, green, pink, and white to represent Naeem’s diverse cultural influences, as well as his love of Scotland, where much of the fabric is woven. 
Luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, wool, satin, and mesh have been beautifully rendered into strong tailored silhouettes, from voluminous long coats to short cropped styles via flared trousers and oversized bags. With hand-knitted multi-coloured crochet details from the brand’s collaboration with Yorkshire-based Laxtons Yarn, the collection at once champions the heritage of fine tailoring while also pushing its envelope.
Helen Anthony is a British designer exhibiting all the flair and natural talent necessary to put him on the high rankings alongside other top designers. He has a passion for tailoring and fashion design and is renowned for his daring cuts, stricking style and intricate patterns. As a frequent traveller he likes to express his cultural inspirations in his creations. It is not surprising that he has a strong celebrity following with artists such as Lady Gaga, Jazzelle , Rita Ora amongst others wearing his creations. As a master tailor he is able to seamlessly create designs that bring together trend-shifting patterns, eclic use of colour and bold silhouettes. Helen Anthony designs are at the edge of global fashion trends.

Founded in 2015 by tailor and designer Naeem Anthony, Naeem named the brand after his mentor and great grandmother Helen Anthony . He sought to recognise the success of the brand and her contribution to it.
She was the first to champion Naeem’s talents and to teach him basic tailoring skills. Contemporary, sharp, and daring, yet retaining the essential classic elements of fine tailoring, Helen Anthony’s aesthetic projects a striking individualism using bold colours and patterns presented in an array of luxury natural fibres woven in the UK.

by Kim Grahame

Photos : @darrenbrade

Lady Gaga in Helen Anthony
Rita Ora in Helen Anthony
Jazzelle in Helen Anthony
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