Highly acclaimed Turkish designer Zeynep Kartal celebrates her ties with both her Turkish Heritage and the place she now calls home, England. Zeynep launches her sensational Spring Summer ’19 Collection at Goldsmith’s Hall for London Fashion Week.
This stunning collection was inspired by the beautiful 300 diamond encrusted military decoration of the Ottoman Empire ‘The Chelengk’ given by Ottoman Sultan Selim III to the British Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson. ‘The Chelengk’ became synonymous with high fashion in the 1700’s. A replica of the Chelengk, consisting of 300 diamonds, was one of the highlights of the show as the original was stolen in 1951 and lost forever.
Kartal’s show began with jewel toned organza, shimmering blue and pink silks and iridescent sheer chiffon pieces. This included evening gowns, trousers, catsuits and short dresses. Opulent embroidered jackets and metallics emulated the beauty of the Chelengk diamond and it’s 16 rays.
Zeynep Kartal’s signature style shows an effortless confidence and sophistication with modern lines and elegant silhouettes. The gowns come in various complimentary styles from ‘debutant’ to graceful ‘column dresses’. Flattering feminine shapes showed finely decorated ornate necklines and skirts with intricate lace and rich satins. Zeynep Kartal designs are made using the finest fabrics including natural silk, handmade lace and organza. All pieces are made using couture techniques with an emphasis on a clean cut and handmade elegant embellishments including piquant embroidery and delicate appliques.
Her garments are often worn by the rich and famous at red carpet events. Her designs are feminine and distinctive and are sought after by a growing number of international celebrities including Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Amanda Holden, Marina and The Diamonds, Michelle Keegan amongst others. The designer also created the costumes for historic Turkish TV series “Direniş Karatay”. Notable guests included Turkey’s London Ambassador Abdurrahman Bilgiç and Members of Parliament, Fecir Alptekin, one of the Turkish president’s principal consultants, E. Sare Aydın Yılmaz and Ömer Faruk-Züleyha Özgül. Other special guests who attended the show were Arben Gemma Oaten, Bhavna Limbachia, Victoria Ekanoye, Montana Brown, Hayley Hughes, Samira Mighty and Zara Mcdermont amongst others.
Zeynep Kartal launched her eponymous label in early 2013, having worked for more than 20 years in the fashion industry. She has extensive experience in a variety of areas including textile, design, production and marketing and has become one of the leading international designers.

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