RJ Gibb hosted an amazing showcase on the 8th August 2018, with performances by RJ Gibb and special guests. The event was organised by Andrew Eborn the president of Octopus TV, Knot the Truth as well as RJ Gibb the CEO of Knot the Truth, KTT Records and Blue Weaver the original keyboard player of The Bee Gees. With the Gibb family, friends and industry guests in attendance this event was celebrating new talent, soul, funk and disco… and the music of the Bee Gees. There were cabaret dancers and the showcase held in the stunning art deco Bloomsbury Ballroom, received a standing ovation! RJ Gibb, the son of the late legendary Robin Gibb, is passionate about music and promoting talent.

RJ Gibb states,” I’ll be introducing more hot artists to the music scene.
Andrew and I at KTT Records are dedicated to changing the industry for the better and we invite others to join the struggle. In the same vein as the great Dave and Mickey Most there need to be more risk takers in the talent scouting world ready to break the paradigm of only getting behind a tried and tested ‘safe bet’ that sadly so many in the current music industry adhere to. That’s how things remain monotonous and stagnant and culture doesn’t grow nor alter.
The only factor which should determine whether a recording artist is great is whether or not their songs sound great and have fantastic hooks and melodies.
Sometimes an entirely new genre is created, other times an older genre is revived, and sometimes an older genre is fused with a newer genre.
The ethos should be, if it sounds great then it is great.”

Kim Grahame







RJ Gibb performing live on stage at the Bloomsbury Ballroom – Photo by Kim Grahame

Dancers at the RJ Gibb showcase – Photo by Gary Thomas

More dance routines at the RJ Gibb showcase – Photo by Kim Grahame

More dance routines at the RJ Gibb showcase – Photo by Kim Grahame

Derek John “Blue” Weaver, keyboard player of the Bee Gees – Photo by Gary Thomas

Andrew Eborn, president of Octopus TV, RJ Gibb and Derek John “Blue” Weaver – Photo by Gary Thomas

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