The talented English singer/songwriter Joe Osgood has the most alluring soulful voice and is often compared to some of the great British Blues and Rock vocalists. ‘Joe Osgood and The Fathers of Light’  have just released their new single ‘AMSTERDAM’ with a successful launch at the popular Bar Love on Portobello Road, West London. The group performed live to an enthusiastic capacity crowd of fans, glitterati and music industry creatives looking for the next major artist. They were not disappointed with the high energy 45-minute set by the band, with original catchy rock/pop and dueling guitars interlaced with thoughtful story telling lyrics from Joe Osgood as in the song ‘AMSTERDAM’, a story of a lost weekend in the great Dutch port. 

Joe fronts the group as a charismatic lyricist, singer, guitarist, and performer. ‘Joe Osgood and The Fathers of Light’ draw on the musical styles of artists such as The War on Drugs, Future Islands and The Verve. Joe has previously supported the likes of Badly Drawn Boy and The Faces. 

The single ‘AMSTERDAM’ from the forthcoming album was written by Joe Osgood and recorded at Eastcote Studios using the same recording desk on which Bob Marley recorded Exodus. So, a little of Bob Marleys’ magic will resonate in the group’s album. Joe’s songwriting skills were developed writing with the late great American songwriter Scott English famous for Jeff Beck’s hit ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’ and Barry Manilow’s ‘Mandy.’

About the group‘ Joe Osgood and The Fathers of Light’

The other members of the group are well established and together with Joe, whether in a recording studio or live performance, they all interact with each other as a tight group with a memorable impact and positive energy.

Keeping it in the family Joe’s brother-in-law, guitarist Graham Prior, is an integral part of the group with his distinctive licks and guitar solos. Graham and Joe have been working together for some time and it shows in their supporting interaction. Graham has performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall with Kenney Jones, Paul Weller, and Pete Townsend. His special guitar sound and performance is a major contributor to the distinctive sound of the band. 

About the group  ‘ Joe Osgood and The Fathers of Light ’

Drummer Mantu is one of the founder members of pioneering dance collective Transglobal Underground. They have toured internationally, playing festivals, clubs, and concert halls, including a European tour with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and have released nine albums to date.


Joe Osgood recorded the video for ‘AMSTERDAM’ in the Dutch capital, with award-winning film director Steve Graham who has produced promos for many leading artists including Snow Patrol, INXS, Eurythmics, The Orb, Manic Street Preachers, Killing Joke amongst others. The resulting video of the single captures the spirit of a lost weekend in Amsterdam.

Joe’s story

Joe graduated from the London College of Music with a degree in Media Art and Sound Recording. Its famous alumni include Robert Wright, keyboard player and founder of Pink Floyd, comedian and musician Bill Bailey, and multi-Grammy award-winning producer Robert Orton.

It is no wonder that Joe Osgood has drawn the approval of those in the industry such as Lennie Petze, senior level record company executive with over one hundred gold, platinum, and multi-platinum awards for recording artists he has signed.

by Kim Grahame

Scroll down for the video release of ‘Amsterdam’.

Main photo: Joe Osgood

Photo credit : Carlo Draisci

Video credit: Steve Graham
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Joe Osgood and The Father’s of Light
Joe Osgood and The Father’s of Light
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Joe Osgood and The Father’s of Light
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