The JU-NNA AW24 LFW CATWALK showed a playful yet bold collection at FASHION SCOUT in Spitalfields, London.

JU-NNA, the Japanese – British luxury womanswear brand, was founded in 2019 by Jun Nakamura. The brand brings together sophisticated techniques, fabrications and silhouettes with a playful Nihon-poi aesthetic. JU-NNA collections feature traditional Japanese Shibori, a brand signature, which is a Japanese manual tie-dyeing technique
. This is achieved through
collaborations with Asian artisans, giving a time-honored custom a contemporary aesthetic. FASHION SCOUT is a platform that carefully selects and nurtures up and coming talent such as JU-NNA.

The JU-NNA Autumn Winter 2024 collection drew inspiration from Tokyo’s streets and its workforce. This season’s collection delves into the dichotomy of exhaustion and professionalism.
The runway was alive with pieces that seamlessly blended elements of weariness in the city with a distinct sense of purpose.
From the twisted and folded tailoring to the playful yet undone aesthetic, each garment is embedded with the juxtaposing narrative of professionalism and exhaustion.

The JU-NNA ruching was evident on pants and tops.
There were fabrics ranging from Shibori-dyed silk jersey to traditional wool coats with an ease of mixing modernity and tradition. Stainless steel tie pins were utilized as embellishments, feminizing the classically masculine accessories.
Emphasized and vertical diagonal lines were used to create the harsh lines seen in corporate architecture.
Shibori techniques were employed, creating irregular drapes and unique textures that challenge conventional structures. Blazers were edgy and unkempt as they were paired with the scrunched suits of the muses. There were padded shoulders evoking the essence of workwear while softening the traditional power suit with the clever use of
draping fabric. The colour palette of blacks, whites and greys allowed the use of textures, as well as the twisting and folding of fabrics to stand out all the more.

The overall effect created a youthful, edgy and mysterious collection with a strong emphasis on an overall individual style. Jun Nakamura is
inspired by abstract arts and
we always look forward seeing what he will bring to this creative industry .

by Kim Grahame

photos courtesy of Black PR Group

Designer Jun Nakamura
Fashion Editor

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