It is only fitting that this highly acclaimed Irish – American designer opens the 40th year celebration of London Fashion Week. This bold,
breathtaking and elegant Autumn /Winter 24 collection
‘Once Upon a Time’, where Limerick meets Downtown New York, was greatly received.

The feeling and passion of the collection, the music and atmosphere of the showcase expressed New York and it’s Lower East Side while taking in the bustling streets of the
city of lights; buzzing, eccentric, intricate and exciting.

The colour palette to the collection was rich and luxurious with Autumn tones, Winter whites, charcoal greys and sumptuous tweeds with leather trimmings
presented in bold tailoring.
Leather jodhpurs were worn with statement tweed plaids while voluminous shapes in traditional wool knitwear and coats were very present. The collection was very much inspired by memories from
Thomond Park, Limerick, Ireland and New York City creating luxurious layered warmth to shelter under as the wind blows from east to west.

Paul Costelloe based his design studio in the heart of London’s fashion district. Since the establishment of the fashion house under his own name, this family owned and run business has been a leader in the use of hand-crafted, luxurious fabrics combined with cutting edge design, innovation and creativity.

Paul Costelloe and I first met when we both were working on catwalk shows for Robin and Dwina Gibb. At the time Paul was presenting his Paul Costelloe Collection while I was presenting the Mark Powell Collection. The fashion shows were showcased in a grand marquee on the grounds of The Prebendal, Robin and Dwina’s home in Thame, Oxfordshire. Robin performed a few popular songs from the Bee Gees and the event raised alot of money for charity. I found both Paul and Robin over the years to be extremely talented, intelligent and down to earth people despite their fame with a very positive passion for life.

Paul Costelloe’s talent shows itself with a very powerful distinctive style and despite his absence due to illness his strong presence was felt throughout his Autumn Winter London Fashion Week Showcase with his elegant timeless designs, choice of music and venue.

Paul Costelloe was first invited to show in London Fashion Week in 1984 and showed his affection towards it with his heartfelt message, wishing London Fashion Week a joyous 40th birthday.

‘This collection expresses my view that classic design still has its place in high
fashion. I have added a personal moment of nostalgia by adding a print based on
the street where I once lived.
It was a glorious moment to dream and live.
It is still a privilege to be part of London Fashion Week, and to express myself
through material and form with my London based team.
Thank you, London.’ –
Paul Costelloe

By Kim Grahame

Main photo: Kim Grahame

Photos courtesy of Trace Publicity:
Catwalk Photos Ben Broomfield / Backstage photos Everynight Images

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