Age is simply a number; talent does not know an age. Tony now at the age of 71 still empowers all with his life works as he continues his ethos GIVE – GET – GO as curiosity still surrounds Tony and his work.
Tony was born in 1950, to parents whose drive was to always encourage their son to find his own path in life as he embarked on his journey creating a meaning for his existence and that his journey was not in vain. They taught Tony to be honest, and never to be fake. Tony’s mother was the source of common sense in her family, a strength she bestowed upon her son from birth.
Tony’s father, Michael Klinger, employed his own knowledge as an engineer and grew into a very successful businessman, then realising in his forties his creative side building a cinema chain and one of the biggest independent film distribution companies in Europe.
Michael Klinger went on to become an iconic film maker. One of the most successful film producers in the country with films such as “Gold’ with Roger Moore and Susannah York, “Shout at the Devil” with Roger Moore and Lee Marvin, “Get Carter” starring Michael Caine, the iconic British gangster film that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Filmed on location in Newcastle, American film director Quentin Tarantino cites ‘Get Carter’ as his favourite British film. “Repulsion” and “Cul-de-Sac” the first English language films by Polish director Roman Polanski and many more including the outrageously successful “Confessions”
Tony recalls the power of his father’s love before the film industry began for Michael. Tony decided, at the age of 8, to become a storyteller after winning a couple of essay writing competitions based on films shown to children around the country by two giant chocolate producers. It was a huge surprise to the budding young filmmaker when his father entered the industry, he had dreamed for himself.
One of Tony’s most memorable times was when he spent a day alongside his father and Orson Welles, who was trying to get his father to remake “TREASURE ISLAND” with Orson playing the lead role himself.
Tony’s eyes filled with tears as he spoke the words “I truly loved my dad; I wish he was still here by my side.” Tony explained how his passing was by a heart attack, and this was just the way his father Michael Klinger had wanted to leave this earth plane. Michael Klinger wanted to live life to the full and the lights to just go out fast, Michael Klinger passed away on September 15th, 1989, in Watford, Hertfordshire, England at the age of 68.
Tony has been enriched with love, and strong family values. Tony met his wife Avril after arranging a blind date for his friend via his then girlfriend.
“When I saw Avril, I realised instantly that she was the girl for me, I told her within 5 minutes, there’s been a huge mistake, we should be together.” But Avril had other ideas, she didn’t want to betray her friendship with the girl who had set the blind date up. She ordered Tony to wait six months before she would date him, and he persisted and has had his wonderful wife Avril by his side throughout his career; they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next year.
What Mark Can I Leave?
“Is every mountain achievable, is life a lesson?” he questions, “What mark can I leave”?
The simple answer is yes, he has taught ‘Generosity of Spirit’ in the film business and demonstrates an ethical approach. To the many people who have crossed his path, from his lessons in academia as a lecturer, or the actor that he guided with his coaching. The film with his credits on, and with over 100 to his name he is a great achiever.
Tony is truly an inimitable gentleman with a passion for life and happiness, who is cradled in ‘Generosity & Spirit’, a man that believes completely that you are as strong as your weakest link. A spiritual belief, whose huge footprint in the film business has shown an ethical approach.
“To share knowledge leads to a good life, by me sharing with others doesn’t diminish my knowledge it increases theirs.”
Tony’s teachings are fundamentally set as he expresses “Sometimes you have to tear your insides out, bring to the forefront your inner core, manage your own expectations so you can gain ambition and success. Therefore, allowing you to fly with freedom within a world that knows you are honest, to believe in yourself, to not fear failure, how will you measure success if you have not failed? How will you enjoy the surprise if you can buy anything you want? To climb your first mountain, you must have the right mental attitude, slowly, step by step learning to breathe as you move closer to the top. A beautiful image that will suppress sheer joy within, the lesson is to be careful as you begin your descent back down the mountain that you do not stumble and trip. A key is not to be egomaniacal, as there are always mountains to climb on your life journey.
Tony Klinger’s strong words of wisdom echo across the Teatro Cafe in a small town called Radlett, in Hertfordshire, where ‘Celebrities and Footballers live in gated mansions with their top of the range cars which has made ‘Radlett the place to be seen’.
Tony recalls another of his life memories when he brought his first car at age 17, a Triumph Vitesse 2-litre convertible. The salesman looked him up and down “How would Sir like to pay” scanning Tony looking directly towards him as if he was just wasting his time. Instead, a young man with high hopes stood casually in baseball boots and jeans reached into his back pocket and pulled out four unopened wage packets and Tony paid for his first car in cash. £693.00 driving away with a glint of satisfaction on his face as ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. Tony’s weekly wage was £14.15 in old money whilst being employed as 3rd Assistant Director filming the series “The Avengers”, however, Tony’s sheer hard work saw him receiving over 200-400 pounds in extra bonuses, as he worked immense hours and overtime and not having the time to open and enjoy his wages as work first – play second ethos.
Tony Klinger is a multi-award-winning film producer, who has worked on the series “The
Avengers”, has produced over 100 films and documentaries such as “The Kids are
Alright” “The Man Who Got Carter” an homage to his father Michael Klinger “Solo2Darwin” the courageous story of cancer survivor and solo aviator Amanda Harrison and her attempt to fly a 1942 Tiger Moth biplane from the UK to Australia. “The Butterfly Ball” “Extremes” “Rises Over Japan” “Riding High” just a few to mention. Tony’s career in the film industry has been one which leaves his own personal star in the film industry. Tony has worked with many stars such as Michael Caine, Mickey Rooney, The Who, Roger Moore, Deep Purple, James Galway, Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, and many others during his illustrious career.
Tony founded and is the principal of SAM FILMS, which trades under the name GIVE-GET-GO along with being head of production and producer for Gripping Yarn Films with partners Sen Monro, Actor, Writer and Executive Producer, and Paul Greenwood a highly qualified experienced growth focused leader. Gripping Yarns Films have three films in various stages of development and preparation. Tony met Sen when the latter attended a course Sen introduced Tony to a terrific project and introduced Tony to his business partner, Paul Greenwood. They all clicked and believe they bring the best out of each other with their disparate complimentary talents. Gripping Yarns Films are currently readying for production the titles below.
1.“Sweet Dreams” A romantic comedy, fantasy film featuring Vicky Michele MBE, Nina Wadia OBE, Steven Berkoff & Bobby Davro with other stars to be announced.
‘Sweet Dreams’ follows Mark, a company worker, on a personal journey of discovery as he realises that there could be more to his shallow existence than racism and chasing women… It is a chance meeting with Anglo-Jamaican beauty, Jasmine, a super intelligent East London girl that makes a huge impact on Mark and sends his life spiralling in an entirely unexpected direction.
2.“Dipak Calhoun”
“An Eastern about a Cowboy and Two Indians”
DIPAK CALHOUN is a dishevelled thirteen-year-old boy who knows nothing other than life in a Mumbai orphanage. His mother died during childbirth. Nobody came forward to claim him and so he was adopted by the Catholic church.
Dipak was conceived when his father, THEODORE P. CALHOUN, a Texas oil baron, came to India to conduct business, where he met Dipak’s mother, a pretty Indian woman. He returned to Texas totally unaware of DIPAK’S existence.
Stinky is twelve years of age and is DIPAK’S best friend. They dream of a better life and of playing cowboys and Indians without prejudice. DIPAK has a little cowboy hat, waistcoat, tin sheriff badge and a toy pop gun which he twirls around shouting “I’M DIPAK CALHOUN, THE FASTEST GUNSLINGER IN THE EAST!”. STINKY is called that because he doesn’t like to wash. However, he has promised he will have a proper bath when he and DIPAK are finally adopted and happy.
3. “Crooners”
You can forget your average boy band…welcome to the stage, on the greatest talent show, the best “old boy” band the world has ever seen! Charlie Willis’s ten-year-old daughter needs a lifesaving operation. He recruits his grandad and the two of them enter talent shows, karaoke competitions and sing in old people’s homes… but it’s not enough.
Desperate to raise the money, they get help from the residents at the care home, especially one who was a bit of a singer back in the day. They polish up their act with a view to challenging the new kids on the block and try to win the greatest TV talent show in the world
Tony also heads up media organisation GIVE-GET-GO where he appointed Joe Sultana as his Chief Operations Officer. GGG delivers top quality entertainment, training and educational services also covering operations across all aspects including Films, Documentaries, Coaching, Education and Audio. GGG, although a young company, has been built on the Klinger family’s strong ethical foundations that have been going strong since the 1950’s.
Tony has many businesses and investments that make him successful on several platforms, his approach to this is to remember ‘What people remember about you; it will leave an impact on a people’s lives. A disruptive company is one that should help.
His ambition to be the oldest healthy man that ever lived, is clothed in his passion for ‘Talent is Ageless’ for the under 25-year-olds that don’t yet have a voice in the decision-making process, or the over 55’s deemed too old, too tired, and put unceremoniously on life’s scrap heap. This is nothing more than ageism. Talent does not know what age is, neither religion, colour, race, or gender talent is what sets us apart. For his Radio Stations, expanding his company’s and launching his Charity Radio Station a non – profit station by Christmas
The conclusion of this interview for my readers asks the question “What Mark Did Tony Klinger Leave?” The answer is a true legacy of love, family values, a burning talent to tell stories, hard work, honesty, and passion.
Tony is unforgettable and no matter how many generations pass he will be admired forever for all these aspects of his life and achievements because Tony Klinger is a true gentleman.
This interview has left his name and story Imprinted in my heart for his gracefulness, humbleness, generosity, and kindness to whoever graces his presence. And of course, his final words, “When you make a decision stick to it!”

Written by Lady Kendal Jaggar



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