Olivier Mourau ‘Painting with Paper’ is an intimate exhibition of ten recent works inspired by Mourao’s friends, beautiful people, objects and surroundings.
Mourao’s unique style is influenced by the legendary artists whom he knew, including Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Salvador Dali and his wife Gala. The influence of Picasso and Dali can be seen in his work. Hints of Matisse and Chagall are present as well.
Mourao creates intense moments of passion in his works through his very unique process: He produces his artwork by painting directly from the tube creating an image straight onto the canvas, or using handmade paper and then creating a collage with pieces of coloured paper as though brushstrokes. In the exhibit, ‘Painting with Paper,’ spontaneity and simplicity play a key role.

Thumbnail image ‘Dita’s Red Shoes’

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Victor’s Way 203 cms by 154.2 cms with Victor Muhhin and Olivier Mourao




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